Sporting Clays

I’ve hunted all my life and shot sporting clays in the past primarly at charity tournaments around Fort Worth.  In June 2011 my dad decided sporting clays was going to be his next hobby.  Like most of his hobbies the whole family began shooting.  The first tournament I shot in after joining the NSCA was the Red Hot Open at the Dallas Gun Club.  I ended up winning the D Class on the Red Course, received 2 punches then shot the July Shoot the next day at Rough Creek and tied for the win which moved me up to C Class.

We now have a couple traps at the CF Ranch, my family place located just North of Alpine, TX. To go from D Class to Masters it took me 508 days and I averaged a punch for every 182 clays attempted.


Date Location Tournament Class Event
2012 First Place Finishes
12/15/12 Clay Mound Clay Bells AA 5 Stand
12/2/12 Capital Givem the Bird AA 5-Stand
12/1/12 Westside Toys for Tots AA Green
11/18/12 San Angelo Blunderbuster AA Green
10/21/12 Rock Creek Hunter’s Moon AA Main
10/20/12 Rock Creek Hunter’s Moon AA Main
9/23/12 Caney Casino AA Safari
8/12/12 Raahauge August Fun Shoot AA 5 Stand
7/22/12 Rough Creek July Shoot AA Prelim
7/22/12 Rough Creek July Shoot AA Main
7/8/12 Raahauge July Fun Shoot AA 5 Stand
7/1/12 WB Ranch Summer Shoot Out A Main
6/3/12 Fossil   Pointe Briley   Sub A Main
4/21/12 Lone   Star Bluebonnet   Open A Main
4/14/12 Rose   City Spring   Clays A Main
2/12/12 Elm Fork Winter Classic B Woods
1/7/12 Permain Basin Lead the pain B Main
2011 First Place Finishes
12/11/11 San Angelo Green C Green
12/11/11 San Angelo Red C Red
11/21/11 Gunsmoke Whack   & Stack C Main
11/21/11 Gunsmoke Whack   & Stack C 5   Stand
9/16/11 Rock   Creek Texas   State FITASC C FITASC
7/27/11 Rough   Creek July   Shoot D Main
7/26/11 Dallas   Gun Red   Hot Open D Red